Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hugh Jackman Interrupts Broadway Show for Cellphone Offender

Hugh Jackman interrupted their Broadway show A Steady Rain in Wednesday when a cellphone rings during a tense moment of the play.

He simply said in character, “You want to get that?” But then, the phone owner might be already too embarrassed to answer so when the ringing went on . He added, “Grab your phone, it doesn't matter”. “Come on, just turn it off ... we can wait. Just get the phone. Don’t be embarrassed. Just grab it,” he continues. But then it stopped after several rings.

Jackman might be a little bit pissed though he was still courteous. Some people are just too inconsiderate and stubborn to spoil situations such as this.It is not so hard to turn one's cellphone off or just simply put it on silent.

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