Sunday, September 27, 2009

Metro Manila Flooding

Updated: September 28, 2009

Incessant downpours due to typhoon Ondoy in Metro Manila wrought many Filipino people homeless. Flash floods killed many people and destroyed million-peso worth of properties.

Yesterday, I was supposed to go to Cavite but unfortunately, I got stranded and had no choice but to stay. My KR and I even had to walk through the knee-level flood just to get to the only available store! On the way, we saw the impact of the situation. Most major roads were unpassable due to the flood and stranded cars. Ironically, people were dancing under the rain while drinking beer and children were playing and swimming on the flood! We even passed through street full of floating garbages. I even saw a sanitary napkin hovering around my knees! Ewww! I just hope that tomorrow the sun shines again so the road will be cleared out of flood.

I will be uploading some photos of the flood I took last night tomorrow.

Here are some of the
photos I took last Saturday night in Makati. There were no post lamps so it's a little bit dark.

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