Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween in Restaurant City!

Halloween's coming to Restaurant City! Decorate your restaurant with spooky items which you can purchase through the Restaurant City Shop and you should hurry because they're limited!

Outdoor decor includes:

Ghost - 1350
John O'Lantern - 900 coins
Chong O'Lantern - 950

Tommy O'Lantern - 1000
Frankenstein Statue - 1100

Mummy - 1200
Scary Tree - 1500

Indoor decor:
Jar of Eyeballs
Gothic divider

Ghost wall

Also, attract your diners with the limited Halloween dishes you can serve this season! In three weeks, you won't be able to unlock these dishes anymore.

Scary pumpkin soup - Starter
Spooky Pumpkin Risotto - Main
Halloween Treats - Dessert
Witch's Brew - Drinks

You can also make coins by putting arcade machines inside your resto. These machines are prone to breaking down so make sure you have a janitor who could fix them!

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