Saturday, October 3, 2009

What's New in Yoville/Yoville Update

Introducing the Yoville Salon
Want to look best every day in yoville? Just head over to the new Salon and get your hair done. With dozens of new styles and colors, you are sure to stand out in a crowd. Update your hairdo every week or even every day! You can find the Salon, and your bold new look, in the middle of Yoville, just across from the YoDepot
Oct 2 update

Hot new Music Tracks now in the Music Store
Music fans rejoice! The hits just keep on coming to Yoville. Twenty new tracks were just added to the Music Store. No matter what your style, from Soft Rock to Metal, CLassical to HipHop, you are bound to find tunes to match your taste. Head over to the Music Store today to hear all the latest tracks.
Oct 1 update

More info on Yoville website
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